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fully automated web-site vice for the sale of credit cards.

Price 1 card - from $3.0
Valid 100% - This is an automatic checker cards before buying
Free sample on any of the specified parameters
Constant updating of databases cards
Available are virtually all the countries of Europe, Asia and USA, UK, CA!

Terms of service:

1 when registering, you agree with our rules.
2 Using our checker card, you pay only for the Approved card for $ 0.15, and for cards Decline fee is not charged.
3 maps, which at the time of purchase have been Approved, the exchange can not be.
4 If in your hands the map Decline, you may, within 15-25 minutes from the time of purchase, replace the card automatically through the function «Check», which is located in the section of purchased cards.
5 If you are looking for any subject in the support, the Ticket specify the detailed description of the problem and what you would like to receive the support, if the ticket is filled with biased, then the message will be ignored.
6 In our system, the refund is not provided, so enter in as much money as you need at the moment, that would pay for the order.
7 If you have any service administration, or any good reason, or the suspicion, the administration reserves the right to suspend a client account without refund.
8 We use third-party checker, so the claims against his work will not be accepted.
9 If there were updates or service have any problem, then all the information you can find in the section «NEWS».
10 It is forbidden to disclose to third parties the name of our domain.